Who are we

The origin of Kiekie Art 

Kiekie Art is part of FotoLabKiekie. After years of working together with her parents, Denise Woerdman and her partner took over the company in 2022. At FotoLabKiekie, service and personal attention are paramount. In addition to printing and producing large projects such as exhibitions for, for example, the Maritime Museum or the Hermitage, we also assist students in printing their final exam work.

In 2013 Kiekie Tabloid was launched, a free photography tabloid containing an overview of contemporary photography talent, interviews and exhibitions. Kiekie tabloid appears 4 times a year and is distributed in a high circulation in 5 major cities in the Netherlands and goes to all Dutch photography schools. Because education is important to us, we regularly organize interesting masterclasses and lectures. You will also find a Take Over on our Instagram account every weekend in which a talent takes over our account. FotoLabKiekie is therefore not only a fine art print lab, but has also grown into a stage for emerging talent.

Limited Editions

Kiekie Art is not a traditional gallery, but a platform and website on which we offer limited editions from around 35 illustrators and photographers. On Kiekie Art you will find a selection of contemporary photographic, drawing and painting by top Dutch talent. These talents are actively involved in organizing exhibitions and have often won prizes for their work. A collective of photographers and illustrators who sell some of their most beautiful works through our platform, in a limited edition. With each work you will find a carefully selected finish, provided by FotoLabKiekie. You are therefore assured of a top quality print.

Tight community

Kiekie Art is all about the art and the artist himself. No commission is deducted from the work and prices remain affordable for the buyer. By means of online sales, art fairs, pop-up exhibitions and collaborations with magazines and newspapers, for example, we sell the work and increase the artist's reputation. In addition, artist talks, social get-togethers and special master classes are organized on a regular basis, so Kiekie Art forms a close-knit community with the artists together with the platform.

Printing and Finishing

Together with the artist, we have looked at which fine art paper type best suits the work. And with what finish,  for example a wooden frame around the work or with glass. All fine art prints and finishing are provided by FotoLabKiekie. So you are assured of a top quality print. With our special art transport we deliver the artwork neatly to your door.

Kiekie Art is part of FotoLabKiekie & Kiekie Magazine

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