Nanda Hagenaars was born in the Netherlands in 1988 and is currently living in Amsterdam. She studied International Business and Languages in Sevilla. This is where she felt the spirit of el Duende in such a strong way that this place instantly became like a harbour for her.
Back in the Netherlands, Nanda started working in the advertising industry and after nearly 4 years left her office job and crashed fully into photography and art. After studying languages, she discovered a new kind of language; through photography.
Nanda’s work can be described as romantic, poetic but with some rawness. It has always been about translating, that is what is coming from the tip of your toes, into images. It is about the divine, the ecstasy, the madness, the terror and the beauty, the power of the feminine, along with a dash of drama.
In her portraits, it is about purity, capturing people their real character, documenting their soul.
So.. to Nanda, photography is a way to translate, meditate, and communicate.
A universal language.