Marloes Heineke (1977) is a freelance photo editor at Het Parool and NRC and has been photographing since 2011 (Self-taught). She is working on long-running series about daughter Leila (2004) and her father who lives outside the dikes in the Betuwe floodplains.

Heineke makes commissioned portraits on request, in the past 2 years a number of photos have been sold to private individuals. In 2019 she exhibited her work in the group exhibition 'Here Is A Happy Place' in Amsterdam and made a photo booklet called Made in NZ. Her work has been published in De Kanarie, by PvdD and recently in PF Magazine.

Curated by Marloes:

Hanna Hrabarska photographed her flight from Ukraine. The photos show her mother (and herself) during their journey by train, overnight stays with friends and their final arrival in the Netherlands. First of all, the photos are beautiful, in color, in subject, the unimaginable, a war from which you have to flee happens to them! You are so close to them that you almost experience it yourself, their sadness and at the same time their courage is almost palpable, they are close to each other captured in a very loving way by the daughter.

Josefien Tondeleir I discovered during an online benefit auction for women in need in times of the Corona Crisis, organized by the Belgian photographer Ans Brys.
Her self-portraits are disarming, her vulnerability is touching and recognizable, she dares to admit that it is exciting to show yourself as a photographer and young mother.

During Corona Josefien lost both of her grandparents in quick succession, in the empty house she made a special photo series Remains by way of farewell. For example, she slipped into the clothes of both grandpa and grandma and portrayed herself, making still lifes of their things that literally make time stand still. Josefien once again turns a violent and personal event into a tangible memory in photos.