Marieke van der Velden (47) is a Dutch photographer who - in addition to her commercial assignments in the Netherlands - has traveled all over the world in the past 20 years. More than 45 times, organizations such as UNICEF sent her on assignment to photograph their projects.
In addition, she - together with her husband and filmmaker Philip Brink - creates multimedia projects on her own initiative. With projects such as 'Baghdad Today', 'A Monday in Kabul', 'The Island of All Together' and their new project 'Children of the Labyrinth', they try to place the daily news in a broader and nuanced context for the viewer.
Because apart from our daily dose of news: what do we actually know about each other? What about our human-to-human curiosity? Can we learn from each other? Connection and recognition are always the keys in her work.
Her series won 4x a prize at the Silver Camera, in 2016 she also received the prize for innovative Photojournalism at the same Silver Camera with 'The island of all Together.' All projects have been screened extensively internationally.