Jesper Krijgsman was born in Amsterdam in 1992 and lived in Switzerland for 12 years, where he worked as a graphic designer and artist. Named Top Talent by Adobe in 2019, his work is featured in multiple galleries around the world.

"I consider the creativity in evolution of flora and fauna as something almost magical. The ingenuity of many life forms is something that is often overlooked by many. This sense of wonder is what I want to show in my work see and celebrate the diversity of nature by increasing its mystical qualities.

My supernatural landscapes are places where biology and dreams merge.

My work represents my daydreams as well as the intelligence and magic that nature possesses. I hope this vision contributes to the realization that the natural world is full of wonders and we should treat it with more love.

My process consists of photography and image editing. I photograph each flower or plant individually and while editing it I often discover new details in shapes, colors and textures. These photographed natural elements are then digitally merged to create detailed worlds that depict scenes in which the mystical qualities of the natural world are magnified.

By photographing, editing and especially learning about the subjects he photographs, his bond with the natural world has been strengthened."