Saskia Wesseling 'TIME TO TAME THE TIGERS'


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Finding glamour in the unglamorous was a photo exhibition in Hong Kong made by the Dutch photographer Saskia Wesseling. The photos in this series show gems in neglected alleys and it gives a refreshing idea on glamour and beauty. Photographer Saskia Wesseling allowed her senses to tune into the raw rhythms and patterns she encounters in the city - art in the boldness of ordinary things. 
Wesseling’s photos have been used to tell a stories in amongst others for the National Geographic Traveller and the South China Morning Post. 
Saskia Wesseling, 47 years old, moved back to Amsterdam this summer from Asia after living abroad for almost 13 years. 



The series ‘Time to tame the tigers?‘ aims to make us collectively re-consider the roles of our schools and parenting.
Living with school-aged children in Hong Kong, it is impossible not to be emotionally affected by the stories of suicides in schools. Statistics are terrifying. Some children in primary schools in Hong Kong are given less outdoor time for exercise than prisoners. Fifty percent of secondary school pupils show signs of depression. The school systems in Asia have been consistently referred to a pressure cooker.

As a visual storyteller and mother residing in Asia I am closely exposed to, and to a certain extent even part of the famous – or perhaps infamous – ‘Tiger Mom’ scene.
What is wrong and what is right? There is the constant fear that by not exhibiting some of the ambitious qualities of a Tiger Mom*, we will disadvantage our children.

This series raises the question: Do we have the ambition for our children to be ready for the rapidly changing world we live in, or do we only educate them to be accepted at an Ivy League University?


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