Sven De Vuyst 'Tram Tracks'


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Sven De Vuyst is a Belgium-based photographer, born in 1981 and raised in Germany
until his early adult years.
It all started with a present from his parents. The gift of a new passion, disguised as a camera. The excitement of bringing that film to the local photography store in order to have his wonders transfigured on glossy paper was one Sven hadn’t experienced before. Filled with anticipation, he would see the uniqueness of what he had captured unravel before his eyes. Not long after his first year as an analog photographer, he discovered how beauty could also be captured and magnified thanks to the digital age. He has never forsaken his first love and therefore now smoothly combines digital with analog, embracing each of their unique touches. Sven’s muse is without a doubt distinctive polaroid pictures. He seizes the moment in a single shot, a careful reconstruction of the mental image he envisioned in his primed mind. Check my visual story at Instagram @svenjandevuyst

Tram Tracks



Shot in Amsterdam (NL) 2020


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