Stijn Hoekstra 'Trinidad Rosado'


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Stijn Hoekstra, 37, born in Geldrop. Graduated from the HK in Utrecht the Netherlands in 2008 as a cinematographer. Over the years Stijn has built his career on translating his vision into meaningful imagery. He is known for his enthusiastic approach to work and life. In addition to cinematography, he began shooting as a commercial photographer for a wide range of brands. His skills have a rich narrative quality and express his love of storytelling. Besides his commissioned work he loves to travel the world for his personal work where he wanders and explores the streets in search of that one photo. In his photography, he uses a cinematic signature he has developed over the years to capture his images. His framing is always a combination of beautiful light, shadows and strong lines. 

Trinidad Rosado

A pink cab travels through the pink streets of Trinidad
Shot in Trinidad, Cuba 2017



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