Silas Schletterer 'Blue Level View'


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Silas Schletterer was born and raised in Middelburg, The Netherlands. At the age of 19 he moved to Rotterdam to study Illustration at the Willem de Kooning academy of art, from which he graduated in 2000. After a couple of years of working as an illustrator, he decided to follow his heart and started focussing on his autonomous work. Today he makes a living as a contemporary artist.

Inspired by films and fashion photography, he chooses young women and men to star in his work. The paintings he makes tell a story. Stories about beautiful, but lonely beings in quest for perfection and happiness. The composition of his paintings often tends to be cinematographic, and nature claims a central role. The relationship between human and animal, the search for a long lost soulmate and a desolated habitat are recurring subjects in his work. However, Silas’ work simultaneously engages with you as a totality and as a multiplicity, telling you one particular story in a particular way, whilst at the same time, silently asking you to consider an increasing number of other stories and questions. The same goes for the series of portraits Silas produces. Portraits that make you question the story, the sentiment that lies behind the facial expression of the personage.

The characters he paints are fictive. By combining facial parts of different models and recomposing them into a new model Silas creates portraits of distinct personages. Although his work can be recognized by the boldness of his colour palette and by that certain way of characteristic painted key players, Silas keeps experimenting with this classic theme.

Blue Level View

The painting is inspired by army propaganda posters, but symbolizes the choice to be free and to live in an anti war world.


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