Ramona Deckers 'Reconnect'


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Ramona Deckers is a Dutch photographer based in Amsterdam. She grew up decidedly blue-collar in the provincial town of Venlo in the south of the Netherlands. She studied at the London College of Fashion, has a master's degree in Fashion Journalism and is entirely self-taught in photography.
Deckers specializes in portrait, fashion and beauty photography. Her work is intimate and penetrates the surface; it tells a story and establishes a dialogue with the subject. 



"I have chosen these two pieces as they aptly represent our current state of affairs and the search for intimacy and connectedness in my work.  
Life at the moment can be lonely and we have to find creative ways to stay connected or reconnect with the people we hold dear. It is also required to take a few steps back. To disconnect from the outer world means taking the time to look inward and reflect. Take a walk and let your mind wander."

Models: Sanna and Fenna MUAH: Daisy den Herder


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