Pieter Bas Bouwman 'Skin'


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The influence of mankind is undeniably strong and the potential devastation that comes with that influence is an aspect that people should be made aware of. We all should be made aware of the beauty we are losing, the rainforests that are disappearing and the wildlife populations that are decreasing by the day. We all need awareness of the steadily paced evaporation of certain lifelong traditions and indigenous cultures. Awareness is my message.

With my work as a photographer I visualise and illustrate the detrimental impact of human activity on the threatened ecosystems and the endangered wildlife within. I make stories as tangible as possible via aesthetic choices and written documentation in my work, making the imprint of humans more perceptible in the images than when just showing the image by itself.

Pieter Bas Bouwman was born in Port Chester, New York 20th of November 1990 and currently lives in Amsterdam.



The elephant is part of my project about the struggle/battle in Kenya by the people and animals that live there. If this struggle continues, I believe we will lose all kinds of wildlife and different indigenous cultures before it's too late. This image is a relic.

“Elephant, beyond the fact that their size and conformation are aesthetically more suited to treading of this earth than our angular infirmity, have an average intelligence comparable to our own. Of course, they are less agile and physically less adaptable than ourselves – nature having developed their bodies in one direction and their brains in another, while human beings, on the other hand, drew from Mr. Darwin’s lottery of evolution both the winning ticket and the stub to match it. This, I suppose, is what we are so wonderful and can make movies and electric razors and wireless sets – and guns with which to shoo the elephant, the hare, clay pigeons, and each other.”

West with the Night


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