Neeltje de Vries 'Black Flower'


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Neeltje de Vries (1976) was a graphic designer before she began pursuing a career in photography. Her work characterized by strong lines and shapes of the female body, is clearly informed by this background. But also by a long history of looking at women. “I have always observed women. I started drawing them with my grandfather. Who’s house was full of female art. As so is mine right now. He was the first one to teach me how to observe shapes. To really look. After drawing I started painted them, sculpting, and now I’m photographing them. I guess it was a logical next step. To be honest, I think there is always a ’self-portrait part’ in the women I capture. It’s a feeling I translate to the women I work with. Even in the drawings when I was just 6 years old." The settings of Neeltje’s shoots combine a power and a vulnerability. “I look for the thin line between emotion and power. Between pleasing and friction. But always with a compelling need for aesthetics.
To see her work in print is important. “when art really touches you, it’s a lot like love. There is something you recognize in what you observe. And like love, it’s much more intense in real life than on a digital screen’.


Black Flower (2020)

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