Nanda Hagenaars 'Angel Wings'


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My name is Nanda Hagenaars and I was born in ’88. It wasn’t until somewhere in 2011 when I bought my first professional camera. Just for the holidays. I quit my job in 2016 and started taking pictures, all the time. I started taking photos in the streets. I was always looking for the perfect combination of surroundings, light, and also style. Walking around with a camera is to experience and pay attention to whatever may occur.

Angel Wings

''I think my work can be described as romantic, poetic, but also with some rawness. It’s about translating that what is coming from the soul into images. I work with very delicate sensitivity; in order to get it is that I want to create. This image was shot in an old diamond factory in the Amsterdam Jordaan. We were in the flow and all of the sudden a bird flew in the building. I responded by taking photos of the flying animal. Later I combined the pictures of her and the bird.''


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