Maan Limburg 'Hasunohana'


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Maan Limburg ('88), Utrecht, is a self-taught photographer whose work is at the crossroads between raw and dreamy. Exploring the world through images that focus on color, texture, movement - she tries to dissect the world of the living into carefully framed slices of art. In her portraits, she tries to uncover the characters of people through careful observation of who they really are if they let their guard down. Through her images, she tries to make sense of it all.

In more practical terms, photography is her passion and beloved livelihood. See more at or via Instagram @maanlimburg.



Another image from Tokyo - this lotus flower was shot on a hot and humid summer day next to the temple in Ueno park. The park is dead in the middle of a very serious business area and surrounded with skyscrapers and “salarymen”. The park itself however is home to one of the largest populations of homeless people and similar outcasts of the strict rules of Japanese society. During those warm summer days you can find them sitting around on plastic chairs, sometimes gambling and drinking a beer - always up for a conversation.

The lotus was a mesmerizing image of repetition and natural beauty in this really complex area of big city life.


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