Linde Faas 'Weeping Willow'


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Linde Faas (1985) is an artist from the Netherlands (Utrecht), currently living and working in Northern Norway, where she finds her inspiration in the wild nature of the arctic north.

Linde studied animation at Sint Joost Artacademy in Breda, the Netherlands. In 2008 she graduated with honor with her drawn animation film Volgens de vogels (According to birds) which was selected for numerous international animation film festivals and won several prizes worldwide. After her graduation, Linde began to work as an animator, artist of fine art drawings, and illustrator of children's books. In 2018 she made her first own picturebook Ik neem je mee, followed by her second picturebook De jongen en de walvis in 2019, which will be in the Prentenboek top10 in 2021 and has been translated in 10 different languages so far.

Linde's work is intuitive and detailed, mainly inspired on the wild raw nature that surrounds her and the small details that she finds hidden and often overlooked in real life. 

Weeping Willow

"A small willow tree stands in the rain. This work was made with graphite-pencil on paper. Every line is made to accentuate the movement of the rain slowly sinking down from the sky and the raindrops creating wrinkles on the water surface. The subtle pencil strokes and small details evoke a moment of quietness and thoughtfulness. A moment to just be silent and watch the rain."


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