Tina Farifteh- 'Atash' WIA


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Tina Farifteh is gecureerd door: Hedy van Erp, oprichtster van het allereerste art based foto agentschap in Nederland.

Tina Farifteh is a Dutch-Iranian photographer and filmmaker based in the Netherlands with an interest in how we organise the world, and how we see the world. Within man-made power structures such as companies, governments and nation states and through the production and consumption of images. After all, systems and images both have a tremendous impact on our thoughts, emotions and behaviours. 

In her award-winning video installation 'The Flood', she dissects right-wing, populist rhetoric and how refugees are dehumanised and framed as a ‘natural disaster’. In her upcoming short documentary 'Kitten or Refugee?' she investigates our human capacity for empathy, and the limits of this. In tandem with this she is developing ‘Tina in Sexbierum’, a multimedia project on displacement, detachment, assimilation, loss and the desire to have a home.

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