Keng Pereira 'Hannam Crossing'


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Keng Pereira (1991), a photographer from Amsterdam.

Being the son of a photographer, he was unknowingly raised with being inspired by new and old surroundings, seeing the extraordinary in the ordinary. 
Following in the footsteps from the past, he was drawn to physical aspect of capturing a moment and hence prefers to shoot most of his favorite work on film. 
Next to his commissioned work, he loves to explore and is most motivated by whatever is thrown at him in that moment, resulting in a large collection of documented storytelling.


Hannam Crossing

Seoul. A moment of serenity, in a seemingly busy city. The lines, architecture, people, light and the movement of Seoul turn this into a beautiful inspiring place. Playful moment turns into timeless stories. Shot on medium format film, with a Contax 645 and Portra 400 film. 


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