Jeroen Knippenberg 'Plant and shadow'


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Jeroen Knippenberg (43) always had an interest in photography, but became really serious about it when he lived in Paris. Over the last ten years Jeroen has devoted a lot of his time to photography, embarking on photographic journeys to Morocco, China, as well as destinations closer to home. He sees beauty in ordinary things, such as shadows and reflections. He lives in Utrecht and is a very versatile photographer, doing street photography, still life kind of images in an urban setting, abstract work, architecture and nature photography. Jeroen has a keen eye for spotting interesting scenes and he hopes his style is reminiscent of Ernst Haas, his major example.


Taken by the hand

This photo was taken in a park at Les Halles in Paris, France. The woman on the right is spreading her arms to feel the wet mist. In the center we see a child taking another child by the hand, guiding her through the mist.


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