Iris Duvekot 'Snake'


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"My name is Iris Duvekot (33). I am an Amsterdam-based portrait and lifestyle photographer. I capture intimate, real and storytelling portraits of people and their surroundings. My international clientele varies from Sonos to Stedelijk Museum to making books with MENDO. Having had a bad memory for as long as I remember (pun intended), I started capturing memories of my daily life and travels at a young age. These images are part of my visual diary.”

Proud project: The photobook The Workshop is a result of a collaboration with writer Renée Leeuw published in April 2017 by MENDO. Documenting 25 Dutch creatives and their workspace. Ongoing personal projects are ‘Siblings’ & ‘Handmade’. Currently working on a series with Stedelijk Museum on artists and designers from their collection. The series is called ‘In conversation with..’ and reflects on the artist, artwork and their studio. "




From the Red Cape series 

" I was strongly attracted to South Africa and in 2017 I decided to go. It was a bittersweet experience: on the one hand, I felt overwhelmed by its beautiful colors and nature. On the other hand, I was very aware of a deeply divided nation and a constant, looming sense of danger, that I could feel beneath the surface. I hiked up Table Mountain, because I heard there was a lake at the top with red water. At the summit this is what I found."


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