Greet Weitenberg 'Abandoned #18'


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Greet Weitenberg is a visual artist who works in a variation of media to explore her concepts like drawing, collages and for a few years photography. She is selected for FRESH EYES 2020 photography talent and for GUP 2021.  

In her ongoing series "Abandoned" photography is her starting point of reality. She takes the medium away from these facts and combines her images with analog collages which she photographs again. The final result is a nonexisting, invented reality where a feeling of solitude and hope occurs.



Abandoned #18


Greet Weitenberg began her serie ‘Abandoned’ in 2019, but it got a whole new meaning when the pandemic Covid-19 started. We all got abandoned from our normal life, cut off from our family, friends, work. Our lives got much smaller, with only occasionally walks in the area we live.

The works #18 and #19 from this serie are made in this strange time, in the surroundings of where Weitenberg lives. One can feel the solitude in the images, by adding the collages the hope to the future is inevitable. 



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