Frank van Bennekom 'Clifton Car'


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Frank van Bennekom ('81), Analog Photographer, Amsterdam. Van Bennekom, originally schooled as an architect, has a cinematic approach to his analog stills. Subjects such as sun-drenched beaches, empty roads and classic automobiles all embody the atmosphere of the jet-setter lifestyle that Van Bennekom enticingly presents. Focusing on beauty Van Bennekom’s work often has a nostalgic aesthetic, supported by his use of soft colour film and choice of vintage cameras.

Clifton Car

''During another beautiful sunset in Capetown I was driving uphill along the coastline looking for some great ocean views. When passing by Clifton I noticed a car downhill. The composition of this white car in his surroundings was just perfect. It's taking a shine, s tanding there all by itself , while enjoying the sunset and having the best ocean views. It makes me want to take him on a road trip. ''


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