Floortje Selis 'Chanel Beauty Shot SS2013'


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"Hello, my name is Floortje, born in 1976 in Maastricht but living in Muiden. I’m what I like to call an ‘Accidental Artist’ (totally made up). I say this because I never went to The Academy of Fine Arts. So I didn’t plan to walk down this road. Illustrating is what I always use to do in my free time, like many people I guess. But I love it, I always have. So even though I never went to school to study art, I’ve always loved creating art.
Back in the day, I illustrated with a real pencil, on real paper. This decade I have ruined many tablets, I only work digitally. I am really inspired by fashion and beauty in many ways. I like the duality and contrast. I don’t go just for the easy beauty, I also portrait the ‘underdogs’. I love that, I am intrigued by the diversity of human beings.
Personally, I often buy books or magazines just for their cover and artwork, some of them remain unopened for a lifetime.
Photography, illustrations, or paintings can leave me stunned, and sometimes even very emotional. I try to have no witnesses in those situations. Which is quite tricky in the Rijksmuseum of Amsterdam. Because I struggle with a good dose of anxiety but am actually a very expressive person, I like to illustrate all the time and share it on social media. I love connecting with people that way. It gives me a sense of space and calm. So having my work also shown here on Kiekie Art is an absolute pleasure. Hope you enjoy it!"

Chanel Beauty Shot SS2013

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