Fauve Bouwman 'Anna Maria in Pruna'


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Fauve Bouwman is a young, experimental, confident, and talented photographer. At her young age of 28 she manages to capture the buoyance of her subjects, thus her youthful spirit. Bouwman documents the virtuous life of young female and male adolescences whose lives are unblemished, yet are about to transact into a meandering life. These documentations are strengthened by Bouwman’s specific eye for fashion and portrait photography, these images oft result into seductive scenic images. Bouwman solely plays with shadows and light through out her work. Her honest work provokes and compels the viewer’s eye. The prudent use of light exposes a virginal ambiance surrounding her range works. Bouwman is a fantasist and relishes the little details in life that she captures so modestly.

Anna Maria in Pruna

"I like to capture unexpected moments. Just like this photo of Anna Maria taken in a small village in Spain called Pruna. This photo makes me very happy because of the colors, the movement and the freedom."


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