Eva Veldhoen 'Wasted Beauty #2'


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Photographer: Josan van den Broek
Name: Eva Veldhoen
Born: 1979
From: Utrecht

About me: 
After following the rational for a long time, I realized that the world of imagination, emotion and aesthetics is where my true passion and strength lies. Therefore, in 2018, I took a leap and left my lawyer’s career to pursue a creative life as a photographer.

I am always searching for beauty. I want to capture, share and celebrate it. Because beauty comforts, gives hope, inspires. I find it in shapes, compositions and colors; these are my tools to capture the – in my eyes – essence of something. For me, beauty goes hand in hand with realness. Only when realness filters through, I am touched. This can be found in an underlying story or emotion, a composition that is just not right, a wandering gaze, humor. Something that itches, a little edge.

I get inspired by the external, physical world around me, but also – maybe even more – by my own imagination. This has to do with my own path, which is about reconnecting with my intuition, peeling off the layers that have come to cover it. Underneath the layers, the masks, the distraction, is where I feel our essence is, where there is pureness. This is where true beauty exists.

Wasted Beauty #1

Amaliadwarsstraat, Utrecht, 29 april 2019, 16:00


 "Every day we single-use tons of non-biodegradable packaging and other material. Part of it ends up on the street, inevitably finding its way to the beauty that is nature, affecting it more than it is already affected. Once used, these packagings lose their value. Did they actually ever had value? Attention, time, energy and resources were once put into making them. For one-time use only. Waste happens on several levels."


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