Dienie Brouwer 'TRANSIENCE'


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My name is Dienie Brouwer from Hilversum. In December 2019 I graduated with honors from the photo academy in Amsterdam. I try to combine my images with innovative new technical concepts, in which you will find a continuous struggle between visibility and invisibility.  My pictures are the reflection of combined experiences and stories of the past.


This photograph was part of a larger series with the theme Transparency.

We live in a world where everyone and everything is visible. A world filled with selfies allows us to see the surface, one which is fabricated and unnatural - we have never been so invisible. Who is able to really be themselves, in a world where everything revolves around recognition? Living in this way is unnatural, between visibility and invisibility, between self-love and self-relativization, between choice and destiny. 

In my work, I am looking for the continuous tension between visibility and invisibility. And thereby I try to depict the transience of life, of everything. My photos not only show the transience but tell different, personal stories from the past. Transience is the end station.


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