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Cinta Janssen (1983) is an Amsterdam based Photographer & Art Director and graduated in 2018 from the University of Applied Photography. She is fascinated by stories of transformation and regeneration and seeks to create audacious images that have an unusual composition. Her aim is to emerge viewers in a different world by challenging their beliefs; inspire people to think about the reality we live in and how fluid it actually is (or can be). She also loves experimenting with various photography techniques like long exposure and movement (both digital and analog, to accentuate the process of transformation and create a challenging viewing experience. An important source of inspiration in her work is contemporary art, especially cubism and futurism artists like Kandinsky and Franz Mark. This work has sparked her love for lines, perspective and unusual angles. In addition, her work is also heavily influenced by statement artists like Banksy and pop-art icons Roy Liechtenstein and Andy Warhol. Key themes in her own work are contradiction, conformism, freedom, seduction, empowerment, sexuality and gender.


B_bbl B_x 

This image is part of a conceptual editorial series on breaking gender stereotypes and challenging the different boxes of modern-day society. A visual exploration of what defines gender in relation to intuition, the psychological and confusing nature of humans. Representing the state of being in various qualities It’s a very personal project, that also visualizes the transformation I have gone through over the years. This image is part of the GUP NEW 2020 selection. 
Creative team: Art Direction & Photography Cinta Janssen | Model Janet Ly | Designer & Stylist Zara Kanaan | MUAH Vanessa Cristina 


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