Alaïa Fonk 'The Queue'


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Always hiding behind the camera and experimenting with imaging. As a two year old you could find me walking around with my dad’s cameras, but it wasn’t until a few years ago that I turned it into my full time job. Whether it’s in photography, videography or during art direction; Telling stories, trying to visualise my dream world, while creating unique perspectives.

The Queue

A unique sandy traffic jam, with almost no people. It was Miami’s busiest week of the year, (Miami Art Week), but somehow I managed to pass by this sculpture during my daily walks with almost no human being blocking my sight.

For me this piece of art has such a calm state, while it’s really the opposite. Imaging honking cars, exhaust fumes, flickering break lights, lots of different energy levels from all the different drivers… 

Somehow the contrast really amazed me and the whole car scene came to life just after sunset. I am talking no human interaction. This is also when I shot this photo on film. A new frame of the 66 life-size sand-car sculptures called “Order of Importance” by artist Leandro Erlich. A moment where everything was quiet.


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