Alaïa Fonk 'Bang Bang III'


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Always hiding behind the camera and experimenting with imaging. As a two year old you could find me walking around with my dad’s cameras, but it wasn’t until a few years ago that I turned it into my full time job. Whether it’s in photography, videography or during art direction; Telling stories, trying to visualise my dream world, while creating unique perspectives.

Bang Bang III

Not so long ago, someone said; “this series captured your wild style perfectly”. For me it’s about the essence of beauty, elegance, and shapes. There’s a thin line when it comes to nudes; when is it too bold and when does it stay elegant but does not become too soft? 

It’s a daily task to find the balance; poetic or bold, nude or not; asking myself questions over and over again to get to an image which shows both power and elegance.


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