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Kathy Anne Lim curated by: Claudia Hinterseer, NOOR Agency Founder and Chief Video Producer at South China Morning Post.

''I choose to nominate Kathy Anne Lim because I find her documentary work refreshing and very appealing. In her pictures she comes across as genuinely curious and I like the twist of humor in her work.''
Bio Kathy Anne Lim

“On a trip to Höfn, in southeastern Iceland, our journey was defined by dramatic, ever-changing geography and unpredictable weather. The wind whistled and sliced ​​through the landscape and we had to turn the steering wheel 11 degrees to the left to allow us to travel right through the winter gales. Our headlights lit up the swirling snow that filled the road ahead, bright against the black asphalt and dancing in sync with the lo-fi howl of the wind. The landscape around us changed and I watched as the gray sky began to recede in our rear view mirror as sunbeams illuminated the edges of the clouds and we drove further into the storm.

During all this, our rental car was a safe haven, protecting us from the abrasive conditions. We played serene songs to drown out the roaring wind, and the vehicle quickly became the moving heart of our journey. I noticed that the 4x4 was covered with little orange stickers, each with a scratch or dent – ​​scars and echoes from previous trips with other travelers. It occurred to me that these little stickers were signs of wear and resilience. Like me, the car had been tested against the landscape.

I decided to experiment by highlighting parts of my photos in a similar way, covering up dust particles and imperfections: the scars of my images. These highlighted the flaws while also intriguing the viewer to speculate about what might lie beneath. The project was by no means a strategic attempt to explore the landscape I encountered. Rather, the images evolved organically as I revisited the experience through my photographs and the layered emotions associated with those memories. Inspired by encounters, personal affections and experiences, this series enabled me to understand an emotional landscape full of stories.”

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