Renata Dutrée 'Woman with Grapes'


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Renata Dutrée, 59 years old, based in Voorschoten (Nl). She recently graduated from the Photo Academy in Amsterdam (December 2019). She specializes in staged photography and often uses social themes as the starting point. By using styling and props she constructs her images to make them more powerful. She is inspired by the great artists in painting and sculpture of the previous centuries, especially the Greek and Roman period, the Renaissance and the Golden Age. She looks for themes that have to do with hiding and /or revealing. Topics that are difficult to discuss in daily life, or that make one feel marginalized or stigmatized. 
Showing her models in an idealized way, with respect for who they are and what they have lost. Transforming their pain and sorrow into beauty. With the past often still resonating in the photo. The beauty that she presents is often subtly accompanied by a threatening darkness.


Woman with Grapes 

''This photograph was part of a larger series and part of my graduation project. I drew inspiration from the paintings of the Dutch Golden Age. There is more than meets the eye in these portraits and still-life photographs. The combination of these works tells the story of loss in a subtle way through the use of abstraction, suggestion and symbolic elements. Hidden secrets and clues to convey an unsettling feeling that they appear to be left fending for themselves in the looming darkness.''


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