Christian Van Dokkum 'Siem Reap - Pool of Dreams'


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Christian van Dokkum (10-10-1991, The Hague, The Netherlands) 

My Name is Christian. I'm a self-taught photographer. I combine documentary photography with a touch of art. I would love to take you on my adventures through cities and nature. Especially seas and oceans inspire me the most. I prefer to use natural light and specific colors to create various worlds and ambiances which makes me happy, sad, but most of all let me appreciate the little things in (daily) life.

Siem Reap - Pool of Dreams

"When I went for a swim in the pool of my hostel in Siem reap (Cambodia) I was immediately triggered by these stairs. It gave me a dreamy feeling and was amazed that something so simple could be so aesthetic at the same time." (2018, Cambodia)


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